Friday, June 17, 2011

June 17th

Today has been an uneventful day.  Micah got up, she was her wonderful self in the morning.  She is so sweet in the morning.  I got her all packed up and ready to spend the morning at Mammother's house.  We picked up Tristen and headed to Mammother's house.

Tristen helps me each Friday mow my parent's yard.  It works well for both of us.  It speeds up the process for me and it gives him some spending money for the weekend.  Micah loves Tristen.  He is so good with her.  So while we were working, Micah played with Mammother and took a wonderful nap up in my old crib.

Tristen and I went to pick up Micah's US passport and got some lunch.  Neither one of us were feeling very well but we got Wendy's and headed back to pick up Micah.  I wasn't feeling well because I didn't have breakfast and then proceeded to work outside on a yard for four hours.  Tristen wasn't feeling well because he stayed up last night past 2am and got up early to help outside.  At least he had breakfast.  =)

Micah is down for her nap....IN HER CRIB!!!  YEA!!!  It has to be more comfortable.

When I picked Micah up from my Mom she said that she was so good; just played, talked and had a great time.  Micah really is a pretty easy baby.  She loves to play and will occupy herself.  But she will come over to you wanting a hug and to make sure you know she is still in the room.  If she gets really quiet you know she is into something she isn't supposed to be in.

As I drove home and then watched Micah play a little bit longer at home I started to think about how she was in the baby home and how she is now.  I feel like she is so happy all of the time.  She laughs so much, talks all the time and is very social.  So I called my Mom to ask her for her opinion on the subject. She agreed.  She feels like she has just blossomed so much in the short two weeks that she has been home.  Micah is loved by so many people.  So many people are praying for her success and my patience.  haha!  But I have no worries about Micah just conquering everything she wants to.

I get into moments where I think about how different her life will be here.  I have no doubts that she would be okay in Russia going through the system.  The caregivers and orphanage directors love each and every one of those kiddos that they care for.  But I then think about would she have gotten the right guidance, motivation, and positive teachings?  I hope that she believes in herself as much as I already believe in her.  Each day brings more and more discoveries and more growth.  I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

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